Leaders don't wait - they create the change they want to see

Join the United Way of NWA giving community and get connected with other community minded people and network and deepen your philanthropic commitment. We all come from different backgrounds and from all walks of life but we have one thing in common, we all call Northwest Arkansas home. It’s where we work, play and raise our families. We come together as a community to make it better. The gift of your time, talent and treasure sets a standard in our community and by example, sets a course for others to follow.


A Leadership gift is a donation of $1,000 or more. The Leadership Society members understand the importance of long-term investments in our community.

How to Join

Leadership Society donors give annual gifts of $1,000 or above. Donations can be made through workplace giving or the UWNWA donation page.

Stay Up to Date or More Information

Email society@unitedwaynwa.org or follow us on social media

Leadership & Tocqueville Society Members

Kimberly Aaron

Jonathan Adams

Al Addington

Melanie Alecusan

Carolyn Allen

Michael Anderson

Jim Antz

Tammy Atwood

Elizabeth Auchterlonie

Nathanial Bachelor

Martin Baker

Amy Barnett

James Bell

Marlin Berry

Boyce Billingsley

John Blair

Robert & Marilyn Bogle

Anthony Bornhoft

John Brahana

Ryan Brower

Gen Broyles

Gwen Bryant

John Clark

Stefanie Clark

Adam Clifford

Dan Coester

Mark Collins

Richard DeVries

Bruce Dixon

Carol Drolsum

Pete & Shirley Esch

Kim Eskew

David Eusanio

Shelly Farmer

William Fox

Cassie Franklin

Carlos Garbutt

Jason Gemeiner

Jeffery Geurian

Breanna Ghram

Don Gibson

Kristine Glass

Amy Gober

Jason Godsey

Mary Hamm

Joshua Hannay

Tracy Harlow

Bob Harriell

Robert Harris

Sherry Harris

Cynthia Hartman

James Haworth

Gary Head

Andrew Hightower

Steven & Christina Hinds

Johnelle Hunt

Todd Jacobs

Mike Johnson

Marsha Jones

Barbara Jordan

Beth Juhl

Thomas Jurmanovich

Cory Knox

Roger Koeppe

Amber Kramer

Erin Kraner

Sarah Langham

Wayne Lee

Daniel Lewis

Robert Lewis

Scott Lewis

Theresa Lewis

Joe Lloyd

Dede Long

DeyLynne Louth

Mike Luttrell

Adrian Luttrell

Donald Marr

Brent Massey

Venita McCellon

Chris McCoy

Tom & Beck McCoy

Timothy McDaniel

Edward McDonald

Sandra Moore

Dallas Mudd

Kim Needy

Mary Nordan

Russell Nugent

Benjamin Outt

Jack Meadows

Steve Meldrum

Ivan & Nancy Mendenhall

Jeffery Milford

Francis Millett

Brian Mollner

Blake Pennington

Mary Lee & Jim Phillips

Edward Pohl

Ronny Pope

Julie Powell

Melania Powell

Jeri Pritchett

Sarah Rader

Franklin Ray

Stuart Reeves

Steven Reuter

Jim Rieff

Charles Shupe

Shannon Siefker

Ellen Smith

Gwen Smith

Jeff Smith

Rick Sorrell

Heather Sorrell

Kevin Springate

Joseph Steinmetz

Nathan Stevens

Garner Stoll

Sally Stone

Patrick Swope

Jonathon Tegtmeyer

Susan Thielman

Stacy Tholking

Melinda Thompson-Sherwood

Stephanie Tibbs

Megan Timberlake

Ryan Timberlake

Melody Timinsky

Kathleen Trotter

Donald Trunick

Lawrence Turley

Boshane Turnbull

Tony Uth

David & Sue Van Bebber

Jerre Vanhoose

Julie Vick

Nicholas Waanders

Jonny Waddle

Elizabeth Walda

Donald Walker

Jessica Walker

Jim and Lynn Walton

Rob & Melani Walton

Alice L. Walton Foundation

Kyle Watkins

Perry Webb

Richard Weis

Nick West

John White Jr.

Brian Williams

Kit Williams

Stacia Williams

Kent Williamson

Charles Wisdom

Jeremy Woody

Alison Wynne