Community Investment Grants: Funded Programs

2019-2020 Community Investments Grants
United Way of Northwest Arkansas invested $2.9 million in the last two years in 38 critical programs across the region. By providing children living in poverty with the skills and resources to thrive, these programs are building the foundation for lifelong success and helping to break the cycle of generational poverty.
Click here for the complete list of organizations and programs funded.
For more information on our Children Living in Poverty grantees or on Community Impact please contact Ana Phakhin, Community Impact Director by phone at 479-303-4422 or by email 
  1. Stability Today
  2. Prosperity Tomorrow
  3. First Step Funding Stories
Stability – The first part of the path is making sure a child has access to basic needs like food, shelter and safety.
  1. Youth Homelessness
  2. Child Well-being
  3. Advocates/Mentors