United Way of Northwest Arkansas
2017 Gift In Kind Warehouse Policies and Procedures

  • Organizations must be incorporated as a nonprofit (501c3) with IRS tax exempt status, or must be sponsored by such an agency (sponsorship includes fiscal responsibility) or an instrumentality or political subdivision of a state not subject to Federal income tax pursuant to Section 115 of the Internal Revenue code.
  • All GIK member organizations must directly serve low income families, children, and individuals. All products received from the warehouse must be distributed solely to low income families, children, and individuals. Failure to do so WILL result in loss of privileges.
  • GIK product must be distributed directly to those in need FREE OF CHARGE and used by the recipient organization to operate their offices
  • Each visit to the warehouse is $20. A statement will be mailed out each month. If payments are not made within three months, the agency will be blocked from making appointments until balance is paid in full.
  • If you do not show or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance, you will be billed $20 for the visit. If you cancel more than three times in a row your agency’s membership will be temporarily suspended and reviewed.
  • All GIK member organizations are subject to a site visit prior to acceptance. During this visit, the organization will be asked to provide a tour of the space in which GIK product is stored and distributed. The visit will also include process in which product is distributed and an understanding of how clients qualify. Gift In Kind Warehouse staff may periodically monitor the use of donated products for accountability.
  • No one will be allowed access to the warehouse without their Membership Card.
  • Only the people who are identified as authorized pick-ups on the application will be allowed into the warehouse. If personnel changes occur, please contact us so we may make the appropriate changes on your application. Only two vehicles per agency is allowed at the warehouse.
  • Donations cannot be used for fundraisers, raffles, or auctions; given to volunteers or staff members; sold in retail stores, garage sales or flea markets or thrift stores.
  • The goods received will not be transferred by this organization in exchange for money, property or other services.
  • GIK members which use donated products for purposes other than those intended will be removed immediately from the program.
  • During inclement weather, the warehouse will be closed when Bentonville Public Schools are closed. You will need to reschedule your appointments at your earliest convenience. These reschedulings will not count as cancelled visits.


  • Only food pantries which have an established food pantry for six (6) months prior to applying for the warehouse will be allowed access.
  • No food pantry can be operated out of a home; the pantry must be located at the church.
  • Food Pantries may not use the donated items for the general operation of the church, potlucks or for the operation of a church-sponsored school.
  • Food Pantries must complete and submit the “Are You Listed” page and be willing to have referrals made to their food pantry.
  • GIK product is intended ONLY for the use of those in need and not limited to congregational members only.
  • Food Pantries agree to report any changes in the days and hours that the food pantry is open.


  • The annual gift in kind warehouse membership fee is $200.00. Upon receipt of the application we will send you an invoice via email for this fee. After we have received the payment you will be approved to make appointments online.
  • Members pay a $20.00 fee each time you access the warehouse, which will be billed monthly to your agency.

Ready to apply?

  • Applications will be reviewed the first of each month by United Way staff.
  • All participating agencies/churches agree to allow the Gift In Kind Warehouse to periodically monitor the use of donated products for accountability. All agencies may be subject to a site visit prior to acceptance to the warehouse.
  • Required documents to apply at the Gift in Kind Warehouse:


Contact Dallas Mudd at [email protected] or 479-877-2715.