United Way Gift in Kind Warehouse

Red Nose Day

The United Way Gift In-Kind Warehouse in a corporate partnership with Walmart with product donations from the return center has been in operations since 1997 serving countless nonprofit agencies across our region. In the past year, more than 156 nonprofits have received a variety of product from paper products, to diapers, to cleaning supplies from the Gift In-Kind Warehouse. In the past 19 years our warehouse has seen a lot of changes and updates; most recently we have added a new Vice President of Operations, Dallas Mudd to the warehouse team. Dallas comes to the team with a lot of passion and vision for the Gift in Kind Warehouse. We spoke to him about what drove him to accept his new position and his hopes for the future at the Gift In-Kind Warehouse.

What made you want to work at United Way of NWA and specifically the Gift In-Kind Warehouse?

“The opportunity to get back to working in the nonprofit industry was a big factor. Being able to take care of you is one thing, but being able to take care of a community is so rewarding; it says a lot about a person’s character. I came in to this position with the intention and ambition of helping as many people as possible.”

What is your vision for the Gift In-Kind Warehouse moving forward?

“I want to expand the warehouse. I want to get the word out about our warehouse – that is my biggest challenge, informing the community of who we serve and what we do. I have meetings weekly with area non-profits agencies who we could be serving, who don’t know that our service exists and that is what I am hoping to change.”

How can the community help and be a part of the Gift In-Kind Warehouse?

“My ultimate goal for the warehouse is to open it up for 2 – 3 more shopping time slots per day. This would allow an additional 15 non-profit agencies per day to utilize the warehouse. That small change would bring the total number of daily appointments to 40.” The faster we are able to get the product out, the better it is for the community. We want to grow the warehouse as large as we can to serve Northwest Arkansas. The staff here has done a great job so far, but I am confident now that with new leadership it is going to grow, and it is going to grow fast.”

Dallas went on to talk about the vital role that volunteers play in the productivity and success of the warehouse stating “With a team of 2 employees that work the warehouse, without our dedicated team of volunteers, the Gift In-Kind program wouldn’t be possible.”

Between July 2015 – June 2016 the United Way Gift In-Kind Warehouse has processed $18 to $19 million worth of product back into the Northwest Arkansas community. Our staff unloaded product from 260 trucks which equates to approximately 22 trucks per month for a total of 6,800 pallets of product. We are excited to see what Dallas and the Gift In-Kind team will bring to the warehouse moving forward. We are here to serve our Northwest Arkansas community and that’s the biggest goal we have in mind.

For more information on the Gift In-Kind Warehouse and how YOU can get involved contact Dallas (dmudd@unitedwaynwa.org)