NWA Poverty Challenge Mid-Week: BPS Staff

Bentonville Schools Superintendent, Mike Poore and Director of Communications, Paul Stolt are two of the community leaders participating in the #NWAPovertyChallenge. They chose to do a video blog reflecting on their experience so far of living off just $5.00 per day/per person.


Both men talk heavily in their blog about why doing this challenge is important to them, and why it is making such an impact to them. Within the Bentonville School District 30% of the students are on the Free and Reduced Lunch program. They talk about the hard choices they are having to make so far and the sacrifices being made.

Mike Poore and Paul Stolt Video Blog 


If you are inspired by the challenge, and want to make a difference in the issue of food insecurity in the Northwest Arkansas community you can donate to the Bentonville Schools Virtual Food Drive here. Be sure to type “Bentonville Schools Virtual Food Drive” in the comments section.