Christina MeeksMy name is Christina Meeks, and I serve as the Outreach Manager for Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas. Our organization provides scholarships to low income single parents pursuing higher education as their family’s pathway out of poverty. Every cent we receive from United Way of Northwest Arkansas is directed toward these scholarships.

Just a few years ago, I found myself applying for a scholarship with SPSF NWA! In total I received scholarships for 4 semesters and graduated with dual degrees in 2012 from the University of Arkansas. Without that support, I humbly believe I would still be living in harsh conditions with my little girls, scraping pennies just to make ends meet; no school pics, no summer camp, no sports, and dare I say, no hot water could be my reality today! It causes me anxiety to even think about it. How blessed and grateful I am that caring individuals from this community blended their resources to invest their time and money in organizations that intervene to change the direction of the lives of so many less fortunate.

Christina Meeks and her DaughtersPeople are surprised to hear I am actually a first generation high school graduate! Can you imagine how many things I can now accomplish being a college graduate? Because I have succeeded in earning my degree, I can encourage my children, with confidence and credibility, to pursue their own degrees.

My plea is that everyone who reads this short testimony will get plugged in somewhere, whether it’s SPSF NWA, United Way, or some other local organization that changes lives. One way you can begin that process is by reading about the programs United Way funds right (here) on their web site. I can guarantee you will discover one that speaks right to your heart.


Christina Meeks Senior Walk