Workplace Campaign Spotlight: Walmart

The United Way of Northwest Arkansas (UWNWA) is still underway with campaign season, already exceeding $1.6 million in donations and pledges! Hundreds of companies and individuals have participated, and Walmart played a big role.

Walmart and Sam’s Club home offices held dozens of United Way workplace campaign kickoffs this fall, some including Silver Medalist Sandy Morris as a special guest speaker. Employees and associates learned of the new UWNWA funding model and the local impact that the organization has on lifting children out of poverty. Workplace campaign kickoffs also tell of the UWNWA direct programs such as the 2-1-1 helpline service, Gift In Kind Warehouse, Free Tax Service Initiatives and Fill The Bus.

Throughout the campaign season, volunteers from Walmart and Sam’s Club have volunteered at the UWNWA Gift In Kind Warehouse helping prepare and sort products for the shopping areas that help provide products for 200+ nonprofit organizations in the area.

We had the privilege to have United Way Of Northwest Arkansas speak at our building about the wonderful contributions they are providing to our community.  Elisabeth who played the major role in our meetings, delivered such an impactful presentation that it moved our associates to give to the United Way of NWA’s cause.  I am so grateful for United Way and I have definitely spread their mission to everyone I know because I believe what they are doing is going to make a difference.

- Garrett Richardson, Walmart Print Solutions

It was great to see how Walmart associates are responding to our new focus on child poverty in NWA. Several people told me they had no idea this was such as issue for our community and feel compelled to help make a difference.”

- Tracy Harlow, Walmart Internal Communications